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DSG’s Interview Guidelines

So your resume gets attention and you receive “the call” you’ve been waiting for, from DSG or better yet from an Employer.


They’d like to bring you in for a preliminary interview.  Alas progress.


You’re excited and anxious at the same time, you really want this job. 


You’re totally psyched up for the interview, dressed to the nines, yet you completely flop and do the following:

  • Don’t review the Company Website prior to the interview and hope to wing it.

  • Don’t prepare questions about the position.

  • Arrive 10 minutes late for the interview.

  • Forget a copy of your resume with you (a big No, No).

  • Forget the name of the person you’re supposed to meet and their Title.

  • When asked why you left you’re last job you get right into the office gossip and slander a few of your previous coworkers.

  • When asked about your salary you inflate your salary beyond, presuming you’ll be CEO one day.


Unfortunately, this is not the approach to making a good first, lasting impression.  Prepare, Prepare, Prepare. 


Why would an employer want to hire someone who hasn’t taken the time to prepare?  This isn’t going to give them any confidence in making a good hire. 


Let’s examine the positives:

  • You arrive 10 minutes early to the interview and appear cordial with the receptionist and wait patiently.

  • The arrives and you address them by their first name with a smile.

  • You begin the interview by thanking them for taking the time to meet with you and hand them a clean copy of your resume.

  • When asked the question, you’re answer is clear, concise and to the point without leaving room for doubt, the Employer appears to be quite receptive.

  • You ask questions about the company enthusiastically and provide to how your skill set offering can contribute positively.

  • You thank them for the opportunity and shake their hand firmly and follow up with a email (that’s always a nice touch!).


This is what you call a stellar interview. Cordial, enthusiastic, solutions oriented, this is what Employers look for, the hero or heroine who’s going to save the day.


You see, the position was created because there is a void or in other words a problem.  Your role as the candidate, is to put the Employer’s mind at ease that by hiring you, the problem is solved.


At DSG when we advise candidates to take them take Consultative approach to the interview.


By going into the interview with the mindset that you are the solution to alleviate their concerns and workload, you’ll find that an Employer will be more receptive.


Remember this cardinal rule and you’ll attract multiple offers, guaranteed.

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